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Why partner with Vanguardgrafx

Our signboards are a level above the rest!

• A huge range of sizes including 4x3, 6x2, 6x3, 6x4, 8x4 & 6x8
• We include graffiti barrier lamination on every sign
• All our signs are printed new each time
• Manufactured from a new Proprietary Plastic/Aluminium Frame,
with a single composite aluminium panel.
• All signs are mounted mirror flat with no joins or seams
• Our signs are fully wrapped with optional coloured legs
• SMS notification & email photo proof upon install
• Helpful, friendly & reliable customer service
• Fast installation times with dedicated in-house Vanguard installers

Light Products

Vanguardgrafx is the industry leader with Austrlia's most advanced signage lighting options, utilising super safe low voltage designs.

They are powered by propriety technology and every sign is fully remote controlled. Most unique is the complete modular aluminium sub-frame meaning these signs do not twist warp or suffer water damage.

Digital Print

Exceptional quality, consistent colour, and print that jumps off the page. Print is a meticulous combination of art, science, and technology and we’re set up for the kind of print that the most particular customers demand.

Our digital equipment is calibrated to the same standards that we use to control offset colour. Quality is excellent for even very short runs of 50 to 1000 units.

Offset Print

Offset print is the bread and butter of Vanguard Press, we pride ourselves on our on it with more than 40 years in the business.

Grafx team is able to offer large quantity runs on brochures, catalogues, magazines, newsletters, books, business cards, invitations, and whatever you want to use to get your word out there with amazing quality and competitive pricing!

Other Products

As Vanguard grows so does it its ability to produce more and more products, all under the one roof! Including but not limited to, Banners, Window Stickers, Pull Up Banners, Signboard Stickers, Display Flags, Signboard Flags, Corflute pointer signs, Direct Printing, ACP Panels & more!

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